Registrar WHOIS Services | WhoisXML API

Set up and manage public WHOIS servers for your business

Our WHOIS parsing system is a utility that collects extensive information about any given domain by sending series of DNS and WHOIS queries. The report is generated in raw as well as in parsed format.

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Set up and manage public WHOIS servers for your business


  • Reliable service for your business

    Outsource part or all of your WHOIS service and other domain management services. Get consultation on all of your WHOIS and domain management needs.

  • Get well-parsed and normalized WHOIS data

    The report includes information about the domain owner, domain registrar who registered the domain, created / changed / expiration date of the domain, list of all DNS records, and other relevant information about the domain. The report also includes information about data center hosting the web server, mail server and DNS (Domain Name Server) for the specified domain.

Practical usage

Ideal for registrars

Ideal for registrars

The product is ideal for registrars who want to concentrate on their core business, while also reliably and easily providing the WHOIS service hosted in-house.

Registrar WHOIS Services | WhoisXML API

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